Community Bulletin Board

  • The Wharf board of directors will meet on Monday, January 22nd at 6:30PM at 11137 Timberhead Ct.

Who We Are

Established in 1981, The Wharf is a community of 55 contemporary townhomes in Reston, VA clustered around two ponds and built in the architectural style of a New England fishing village. The Wharf, located on top of a hill at the highest point in Reston overlooking Lake Audubon, is distinguished by its unconventional design and a history unusual in a suburban townhouse community. The design nurtures the ecosystem and promotes community spirit.

The Wharf Cluster Association Board of Directors provides governance with an involved board that not only sets policy but is actively engaged in managing the common property. All homeowners at The Wharf are members of The Wharf Cluster Association. The association's five-member Board manages the common property and sets cluster policies.

The Design of the Wharf

A discrete advertisement appeared in The Reston Times in August 1977 announcing the creation of a new community within Reston. Fairfax County Supervisor Martha Pennino called The Wharf "very exciting and very innovative" (The Washington Post, Oct 18, 1977). When he submitted the project for Reston Community Association (RCA) approval, the RCA President referred to The Wharf as "an example of excellent design". The RCA Committee on Planning and Zoning, in recommending approval of the site plan, also commended the project's builder "for coming up with one of the more innovative and exciting housing arrangements in the history of Reston." (The Reston Times, Apr 4, 1978).

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